Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Project Key Points:
• Organic (free link building) ONSITE and OFFSITE SEO Solutions
• Content writing for all optimized pages
• Duration of project is 6 months (We try to achieve the results from the 3rd month till end month)
• On-site SEO information will be shared with you. After your approval, we will step forward.

Competitor analysis
At this stage we have to analyze our competitors, what’s the current strategy they develop regarding SEO.
On- Page Optimization:
Purpose of on page optimization is to edit/add/modify the content of web page so the Search Engine can find your webpage when a surfer is searching for your web sites particular topic/services or keyword.
Following steps are involved in on page optimization

image1)-Provide support for search engine optimization recommendations.
2)-Research and analyze competitor advertising links
3)-Keyword discovery/ filtration
4)-Creating a Search Engine Friendly Sitemap
5)-Suggest SEO friendly web design
6)-Content Writing/Keyword Placement in content.
7) - URL rewriting for major web pages to make it SEO friendly
8)-Internal link building strategy and implementation
This information will be sent to you for your review. After your approval, we will step forward
Off- Page Optimization:
"Off Page" SEO refers to the text and "inbound" linking from OTHER web site pages to your web site pages. Purpose of this phase is to increase your page rank and validity in search engine plus pull the traffic from your niche target market to your website. Off site optimization will help your consumers or customers to find the website in an easy way.

Following steps are involved in off page seo
• Back link strategy and implementation
• Directory submissions and revisions
• Regular free links at high page rank websites
• Free Classified Ads
• Social bookmarking will be done at referred websites
• Social media marketing
• Local linkups
• We will utilize gorilla marketing strategy to submit web url
• Press release submissions
• Article submission
• Blogs
• Verifying Submission Success
• Detecting and Fixing Site Visibility Issues
• Monitoring Search Engine Rankings
SEO Roadmap
1. Competitor analysis regarding keywords and onsite seo:
First step is to find out primary competitors of these websites. Next step is to do comprehensive and thoroughly analysis of competitor websites. We will analyze search volumes at those websites, collect and examine keywords used by those competitors and rate these keywords according to search volume and current Google algorithm.

2. Keywords discovery:
In this phase, collected keywords will be analyzed by using different tools and software. We will compare our high rated keywords and our requirements. At last stage of keywords discovery we will analyze competition and number of searches at selected keywords. We will prefer keywords which has less competition and more search volumes.
3. Keywords Rating:
After preparing final keywords list, we will rate all keywords. We will do following steps in keywords rating,
1-Setting keywords frequency (primary keywords will be set at heights frequency 7%)
2-Key phrases generation
3-Page description and title writing
4-Keywords selection for internal links, bold keywords, heading strategy
This information will be sent to you for your review. After your approval, we will step forward
4. Content writing:
We will generate content for home page and Services page. We will either write fresh optimized content including all keywords with required density and frequency or adjust keywords in existing content according to the requirement.
5. Internal link building:
Major Key phrases will be chose for internal links at all pages. It will be in the form of bottom menu and will be shown at all pages. All key phrases, used in internal links will be more powerful and searchable rather. Onsite SEO in finished at this stage. Now process of offsite SEO and daily bases analysis will be started.

External link building:
1. Directory submission:
We will submit urls of all websites in approximately 1000 free web directories. Directory submissions will be done manually and in limited numbers per day to avoid any threat of spamming.
2. Forum submission:
After half of directory submissions, forums submissions and posting comments will also be started. We will use different accounts to submit each website at same forum. Forum submission, discussion and comments placements will be continued till the end of project.
3. Classified Ads Submissions:
We will analyze advertisement requirements and target market. After identifying your niche target market, we will create and submit free classified ads by using affective taglines
4. Article writing:
We will need articles (350 to 1000 words) and will submit at high ranked article website like Article writing will be started when directory submission is completed.
5. Blogs:
We will create and update blogs. We need to develop own blog module to create, run, update or modify blogs. Blogs will provide current services information, optimized content and urls of website for back linking. We will update all blogs for each website after a week. We will add information, reply posts and modify content by using new keywords at every week

6. Social Bookmarking:
Social networks like face book fan page and twitter are a great resource of back linking and website promotion. We will create, update and manage profiles of both websites at popular social network websites.
7. Press Releases:
We will post press releases of both websites along with urls at many high ranking e-news websites. Press releases are great resource to pull traffic towards websites. Press release submissions about our latest services after proper intervals will boost up website rank and visibility in search engine.
8. Social Media Marketing:
Social networks like face book, MySpace, ning and twitter are a great resource of back linking and website promotion. We will create, update and manage profiles of both websites at popular social network websites. This step will help us to pull traffic from relevant communities for a specific service or product.

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