Weddings: Your personal fairytale for a happily ever after.

With so many big and small elements to look after and with time always running low, it is unimaginable to consider coordinating your personal events especially weddings. Wedding involves the most important days of your life and you would certainly want these days to look like a dream. We are here to deliver you, your dream with absolute ease. The event is going to leave an indelible mark and thousands of memories after giving you a great show.

image"As premier wedding planners in Pune, India, our focus lies on enthusiasm, commitment, and creativity. Our designs and services leave a mesmerizing effect with a hawk eye on the details. With more than 15 years of experience and more than 200 weddings under our belts, we work with your inputs and bring in our design elements to bring larger than life wedding scenes that always remain close to heart.

This lifetime event brings a lot of expectations and you definitely have your dreams associated with your big day. Each function that takes you closer to your wedding has got a specific look and is as important. We design a wedding set up that reflects your personality with style and appeal that is in the confines of your budget. For transforming the occasion into a fairytale affair, it is definitely important to have a team of professionals. We work as part of your family and try to understand your requirements adding our design touch to give you, your very own dream wedding.

Engagement /Cocktail

Every aspect of wedding involves fun and this essence is captured in the set up from the very beginning. Right from taking care of the décor, florals, music, sound, lights, to liquor supplies and lip smacking delicacies lining up the counters, we have everything on the list to offer a flawless job. With a grand beginning at the cocktail we assure the wedding is going to be one of a kind with all the details in place.


Beautiful colors covering the ambiance and everyone in the mood to groove, we have got the right music to let the happy feet roll. Get on the dance floor with your favorite music genre as we have got some of the best DJs in town to give you the much-desired playlist. Gorgeous set up and good food will be accompanied by dropping beats to keep the party going.


Have a location indoor or outdoor of your choice and we will get the best mehendi designers in the town. With gorgeous decorations, we build the right set up to increase the joy and include the relatives and friends in the fun on this day. Photo booths, snack counter, dhols and desi beats will certainly raise the level of joy and will add on to the wedding fever.

Vidhi Mandap

Let us know the ideas and look that you prefer and we will do a fantastic job in bringing the setup. As an important part of your wedding day, the mandap can have a gorgeous appeal with floral, mirror, Bohemian, Mughal or Japanese touch. Pretty and designer, these mandaps can be as simple or as grand but will definitely be the highlight of the functions.


End it exactly like you started, wrap it up with the same enthusiasm and best scenes around. If you have a theme that you would like us to execute, we are all ready. All of these beautiful memories to cherish forever should have a definite feel and look. We are skilled enough to give a reception set up where you just have to make your presence to meet and greet and rest will be looked after.

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